Thanks to one of our readers, we now have new way to Bypass Zscaler for some websites.

If you access the site using HTTPS, on some sites it’s not blocked.  Not all sites work with HTTPS, to see if it does just change the http:// at the start of the site to https://

On Facebook you need to follow these steps before you use HTTPS, then just type in

Facebook, Twitter, Playboy and Isohunt work!  Redtube and Pandora don’t.  Some sites don’t work without the www in front of the name.

Thanks for this goes to Dave! Thanks Dave!  Keep the ideas coming!

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Method #1 – User Agent

This worked on our old system for a while, but then stopped working.

But, it works great with zScaler!

The User Agent is how your web browser identifies who it is to the web. zScaler use this as a part of authenticating who you are, so if you change it, it doesn’t know what is happening and let you browse where you want.

UAPick makes this easy. Install it, and Internet Explorer gets a new option in Tools “Set UA String”.  There website tells you how to use it, so I wont repeat it in the blog.

Only some of the templates let you Bypass zScaler. Lynx 2.8.5 is what we use and it works great, but others work too.  Or you can just put some junk keys in the UA field which normally works too.

There you go. You’re now Bypassing zScaler and you can get to any site you want – even if your zScaler blocks it!

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A while ago our company put in a system from zScaler which restricts what websites we can look at.

It took a few days to bypass it and get to whatever websites we wanted.

Since then we’ve found several ways to bypass it.  They all work. They all let you get to anywhere.

For the good of others who are stuck behind a zScaler we wanted to share how to get past it.

We’ll start with one method to get past it.  If that stops working, we’ll release another.

If you’ve got one yourself, that’s what the comments are for!

Remember to bookmark this blog, so you can come back if you need to.

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Coming Soon!

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